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Two Women Get On A Plane And See The World For The First Time. Their Reactions Are Beautiful!

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A series by Vodafone dedicated to documenting moments of the first time people have tried something in their life, these two Dutch senior citizens venture outside of their comfort zone and prove you’re never too old to try something new!

An is 72, and her friend, Ria, 78. They each have different reasons for not flying and when they finally get up in the air, it is the most heartwarming scene of two people mesmerized by the kind of things frequent travelers take for granted.


An’s husband wanted to travel, but she was afraid of flying and couldn’t get past her fears.

RiaRia, on the other hand, had a husband who was scared of flying. An needed a little bit of flight simulation to get her ready for the big day!




Once landed in Barcelona, you’ll see just how incredible this trip and experience was for both women…and you’ll be hard pressed to not shed a tear.


Watch their entire flight below:

Source: Vodafone H/T The Blaze

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