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An Island That Was Once Used To Manufacture Poison Gas Is Now Inhabited By Tons Of Bunnies! And They Love People!

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Off the mainland of Japan there’s an island that can only be accessed via a ferry. Okunoshima was a poison gas factory for much of the chemical warfare that was carried out in China during World War II. But now the island and all of its abandonment is home to some pretty cute creatures…

Here’s the abandoned gas manufacturing factory.


Inside the power station. Looks like your normal abandoned building…until you see this…bunnyisland2

The newest and cutest residents to ever call Okunoshima home! bunnyisland3

How’d a bunch of bunnies get to a remote island? Well, they were brought to the island to test the effects of the chemical gasses. (Some think kids brought them on a school trip in 1971, but that’s urban legend).bunnyisland4

Ah, the life of a bunny with an entire island to itself. bunnyisland5

These aren’t your normal fluffy little guys, though. They LOVE people, as many have found out…bunnyisland6

This woman found out that once you feed the bunnies, they are your friend for life! It’s hilarious (and a bit scary if you are claustrophobic!).

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CREDITS: Video found here.

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