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Outdoor Activities To Add To Your Bucket List

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Bucket lists give us tangible reasons to strive for our goals and remind us of things we want to do—especially if we’re forgetful. Perfect your bucket list, whether you’re young or getting on in years, and you’ll give yourself a good list of reasons to keep moving forward through life. Remind yourself of the big adventures you want to experience in your life with these essential outdoor activities to add to your bucket list.

Scuba Diving

During the winter, many of us dream of leaving the snow and cold behind to spend our days somewhere warmer. If your favorite place to escape the frozen wasteland outside your door is the beach, why not add something tropical to your bucket list? Experience the hidden beauty beneath the ocean’s waves by learning how to scuba dive. Diving adds more excitement to ocean exploration than snorkeling—you can get close enough to reach out to ocean critters! Just remember that you shouldn’t actually touch the sea creatures—especially not coral reefs!

Climb a Mountain

If you’re searching for an obvious metaphor for your achievements and a pinnacle of your hard work, consider adding a mountain to your bucket list! As a perfect goal for hiking enthusiasts, mountain climbing combines many different skills in one—hiking, camping, and rock climbing. It may seem extreme to add an entire mountain to your bucket list, but there are plenty of locations that are perfect for novices. Add a starter mountain to the list, or stretch for a famously difficult mountain—just make sure to practice all your climbing skills and follow a guide!

Bungee Jump or Skydive

Humans love putting themselves in danger for the sake of adventure and the adrenaline-pumping rush. If you’re one such human, add an activity like bungee jumping or skydiving to your list. Free-fall over a hundred feet with nothing more than a strong elastic cord to protect your, or jump from two miles above the earth’s surface with just a parachute—either activity will have your heart racing as you’ve never experienced before! You may not be able to fly, but falling from such a high point can emulate the feeling just as well.

Horseback Riding on the Beach

Not everyone wants to put life-risking activities on their bucket lists, and that is perfectly fine. Live out your fantasy romance by finding the perfect location to ride horses on the beach with your partner. Though you don’t necessarily need to do it with a loved one, beachside horseback riding is one of the most romantic outdoor activities to add to your bucket list.

Make it a part of your honeymoon (or second honeymoon), and watch the sunset as you strut along the oceanside—just you, your partner, and your two horses. You may also consider taking your friends or adding the activity to a best friends’ trip!

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