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Ways To Support Your Community

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Closed restaurants, virtual gatherings, e-learning, working from home—the pandemic has impacted what feels like every facet of daily lifestyles. While some folks have found themselves thriving as they work from home or among a slew of new hobbies, it’s important to recognize the challenges that coronavirus has posed for many. There are plenty of ways to support your community that vary in effort, time, and money, making giving back an option for a wide demographic of charitable people.

Donate To Schools

Schools lay the foundation for the next generation. Keep your local school afloat during the pandemic by donating bundles of school supplies. As curriculum has shifted to an online landscape, many schools’ needs for digital devices and other e-learning resources have spiked.

Rummage through that junk drawer for gently used smart phones or tablets or donate basic supplies in bulk. Whatever you supply your local educators with, you can feel satisfied knowing you’re supporting children who are the future.

Keep Your Money Local

Shopping small does wonders for the local economy. Keeping your money local supports community jobs and independent businesses.

Another perk of shopping local is that you’re likely to receive more personal and friendly service. Small shops strive to retain customers and are going to express their appreciation for your business more than the average chain store.

Host or Give To a Donation Drive

One of the most common ways to support your community is through donations. You can seek active communal donation drives or plan one of your own.

While clothing donations are abundant, most homeless shelters are deficient in toiletries, as they can only be accepted unused or unopened. You can support folks in need within your neighborhood by establishing a donation event. Read up on tips for a successful toiletry drive to make the process a smooth and effective one.

Engage in Local Political Processes

If you don’t already, partake in your local elections. They occur more often than national elections and their outcomes will directly influence your neighborhood. You can advocate for policies or candidates that you believe will uplift your community.

Be a Good Neighbor

When it comes to making a difference, even the slightest of efforts can create a ripple effect. Start making a difference in your community by being neighborly.

Amid quarantine, it’s easy to feel isolated and chances are you’re not the only one. You can still respect people’s space while expressing kindness with a simple wave, greeting, or taking care of a chore such as shoveling when you have the time.

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