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This Guy And His Kitten Are About To Show The World How A Man Should Treat His Lady! And It’s Hilariously Clever.

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Dream guys (and people, in general) are definitely a hard find. You know, the kind of people that take care of you, make you breakfast and dinner, and watch your favorite movies with you. This guy, however, is one of those people. And this is how he chose to spend his Valentine’s Day with his special lady, his cat. I wanted to think it was cheesy and that he had no life, but it ended up being super adorable. See, chivalry isn’t dead!

The day starts with waking up next to his girl. catvday1

Followed by a delicious veggie omelet! catvday2


Participating in her favorite activities like…playing in boxes. catvday4

Waltzing in front of the fire…catvday5

Getting stuck in plastic bags…catvday6

And running around the house for absolutely no reason!catvday7

They watched her favorite movie! Not a dry eye in the house!catvday8

And then got dressed up to go out to enjoy a romantic meal.catvday9


Nothing like wet cat food paired with skim milk!catvday12



How could anyone not love this little lady!catvday15


And at the end of the night they get ready for bed…until he kicks her out. Ha!



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