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How To Prepare Yourself for Your First Time on a Boat

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Are you about to board a boat for the very first time? Boat trips are a wonderfully relaxing way to get in tune with nature, but new experiences can often cause some anxiety. Face that worry head-on before going out on the water by following these tips to prepare yourself for your first time on a boat.

Check the Weather

In the days leading up to your boat trip, check the weather forecast for the day you plan to go boating. That forecast will provide valuable information that can help you plan accordingly for your outing.

If it’s going to be warm and sunny all day, you’ll know to slather yourself in sunscreen and bring along a hat and sunglasses. If there’s even a tiny chance of rain, pack a rain jacket and other waterproof clothing.

Pack Plenty of Sustenance

Load your bag with more drinking water and snack foods than you think you’ll need while on the trip—it’s always better to overprepare than underprepare! Avoid getting hangry in the middle of your first boat trip by packing plenty of low-mess snacks to keep you satiated.

Learn About the Boat

Who are you going on your boat trip with? Is it a chartered boat tour, or do you have a buddy with a pontoon boat who’s invited you to a party? Familiarize yourself with the boat ahead of time by asking questions of the boat owner or doing some internet research of your own.

Top Tip:

Before you board, make sure the boat is equipped with a fully-stocked first aid kit and enough life jackets and preservers for everybody on board.

Fend Off Motion Sickness

The feeling of being on a boat is much different than standing on solid ground. If you’ve never boated before, anticipate a period of adjustment as you get your sea legs.

There are plenty of things you can do to ward off motion sickness before you board. Eat a light meal or hearty snack before you get on the boat, and if you know you’re prone to nausea, choose a seat toward the middle of the boat.

If you’ve never boarded a boat before, don’t be afraid—be excited! Boating is a wonderfully relaxing hobby once you get used to that feeling of movement. Prepare yourself for your first time on a boat by equipping yourself with knowledge and the right gear.

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