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How to Know If Someone Is an Alcoholic: 5 Warning Signs

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Did you know that 1 in 8 Americans meet the criteria for alcohol use disorder? With such a high percentage you might know someone that is currently dealing with alcoholism and not realize that they are struggling with this. Sometimes it is difficult to know whether or not someone you care about is an alcoholic.

Keep reading to learn about how to know if someone is an alcoholic.

1. Drinking to Feel Better

Most people that drink too much are struggling with addiction abuse for emotional reasons. Using alcohol as a way of easing negative feelings is risky because it is only temporary relief.

If you notice that someone you care about is always drinking to “relax” or after a stressful day they might need alcoholism treatment because they might be using alcohol as an emotional crutch.

2. Blacking Out Often

If you know someone that drinks so much that they do not remember, this might be a sign that they are struggling with alcoholism. When anyone blacks out from alcohol, it means that they simply drank more than they can handle. 

No one really needs to blackout to have fun which means that there is an underlying reason for drinking to blackout. 

3. Neglecting Responsibilities

Having problems at school or work because of drinking is another sign that there is a problem. Too much alcohol can interfere with keeping a job, showing up to school, or even taking care of daily household responsibilities.

4. Lying About Drinking

Most people that are having problems with alcohol are in denial. This will cause them to drink secretively or sometimes lie about how much they truly had to drink. They do not want to make it seem like they are having an issue. 

Sometimes it is hard to spot this sign because it is so secretive, but you want to keep an eye out if you are suspicious that someone is dealing with alcoholism. 

5. Drinking in Dangerous Situations

If you know someone that is drinking when they should not be drinking this is a big sign that they might be an alcoholic. Drinking before driving to work or while on medication are both dangerous situations. If they are regularly drinking and putting themselves in dangerous situations they are showing signs that alcohol is their main priority. 

Now You Are Aware Of How to Know If Someone Is an Alcoholic

Now that we shared the top signs about how to know if someone is an alcoholic, you can keep an eye out for any of these signs if you suspect that someone you love is struggling. Keep in mind that experiencing just one of the signs above does not necessarily make someone an alcoholic. Usually, it’s more than one sign and on a consistent basis. 

Did our blog post help you today? Please come back soon and bookmark our health section to always stay in the know. 

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