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How to Update Your Garden Ready for Next Spring

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Is your garden looking slightly worn down? Perhaps it has been a while since you last did something different? From a brand new compost bin to a stunning water feature sure to get all of your guests talking, here are some tips for updating your garden just in time for next spring.

Tidy Up

Do not wait for spring to give your garden a thorough ‘spring clean’. Focus your attention on your borders and flower beds, taking the time to eliminate any build-up of leaves and other debris. You are sure to collect plenty of dead organic matter that can be put to good use inside your compost bin (see below). Just remember to dispose of weeds elsewhere as they have the potential to germinate inside the compost heap.

Get rid of garden pests

Garden pests, both big and small, can multiply extremely quickly within your garden and many of them are quite hardy even throughout the colder winter months. Some pests tend to seek shelter for hibernation within your garden as temperatures plummet. Conduct an inspection for slugs, snails, and aphids, especially near your perennial plants. 

Install a beautiful water feature

Considering that you and your loved ones will likely be spending a huge chunk of your time outdoors once spring rolls around, it makes sense to spruce up the space to maximise enjoyment for everyone. A beautiful water feature is not only breathtaking to look at – it is also known to help with stress relief. The great news is that you can find the perfect water feature regardless of the size of your garden. Choose from a classic pond water feature, cascading water blades, floating fountains, pondless fountains, and so much more.

Remember – if you opt for a pond water feature, it is vital that you source all construction essentials, like pond liners and pond paint, from a reputable supplier to ensure optimal quality and longevity.

Perform some maintenance

Use your spare time during winter to maintain your garden’s fencing and gates. That way, you can spend more time planting flowers and nurturing your plants once spring makes its presence known. Along with fence and gate maintenance, now is also the perfect opportunity to give your garden tools a good scrub and some much-needed TLC.

Start composting

It is very easy to start composting, especially if you buy yourself a ready-made compost bin. If you fancy yourself a bit of a DIY master, you can also build one with wood. Once your bin is ready to go, simply fill it with all your organic waste, such as vegetable peels, grass clippings, and paper prunings. Ensure adequate aeration by turning it using a garden fork a couple of times a month. Over time, rich, nourishing compost will form, and you can use it to nurture your plants and basically guarantee that they thrive come springtime.

Take these guidelines into consideration and you will be fully prepared to welcome the warmer weather with open arms. Enjoy!

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