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How to Drink Coffee in Norway – Coffee Tips You Didn’t Know

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How to drink Coffee in Norway?

Trym Nordgaard shows us a unique way to drink coffee if you happen to live in Norway. A quick look at the video tells you how relaxed and calm he is taking a risky standing slide on iced road with just regular shoes. Amazing balance and cool!


Love Coffee? – Check out these five tips

Throwing away Old Coffee? -WRONG

It is very usual that people just drain out the old coffee in to their sink without thinking twice. Actually you could save by just freezing the coffee in an ice tray to make it into ice cubes. And when you feel like having an iced latte just drop few cubes in a glass and pours some milk and have a wonderful latte.

You get powered by Your Bitter Coffee? – there is a better way

Counteract the bitter taste of coffee with a pinch of salt, salt blocks your tongue from the bitter taste and it turns out to be a wonderful flavor too- yumm!

You Add regular Sugar To Coffee- makes it somewhat boring

Try adding natural palm sugar, coconut sugar, date sugar, maple syrup, honey , agave or jaggery (cane sugar) which will give you a different and more natural sweetness. And many of these natural flavors have lower negative impacts to health compared to natural sugar.

You drown the flavor of Coffee with Sugar.- WRONG

You could add some pizzazz to your regular coffee by adding some of your favorite natural flavors, and reduce the amount of sugar. You could grind in some cinnamon stick, cardamom, or even fresh orange rind along with your coffee and add very light sugar which will enhance the flavor of coffee and add complementary flavors. Your “creativity” is the only limit. Go Ahead try these out and let us know what you think, feel free to share our Facebook

Check out the Video below from BuzzFeeed on these wonderful tips.

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