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How to Cure Bad Skin with a Healthy Diet

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Some people are blessed with naturally glowing skin. They can burn the candle at both ends, eat a truly appalling diet comprised mostly of junk food, and it has no effect on their complexion whatsoever. The rest of us only have to look at chocolate and we break out into horrendous zits.

Unfortunately diet plays a big role in skin health. We are what we eat, so the worse your diet, the more likely it is that your skin will suffer the effects. For this reason, it is sensible to look at your diet if you are struggling with bad skin, to see if there are any improvements to be made. More often than not, a few simple lifestyle changes can make all the difference.


Foods to Avoid

Some foods are known triggers for bad skin. Dairy is one of the main culprits: if you consume a lot of milk, cheese, yoghurts and eggs, this could be causing your skin problems. Gluten is another common cause of skin problems – and indeed a host of other health issues, including gastro-intestinal disorders. Try cutting dairy and gluten out of your diet for a month and see if it makes any difference.


There are lots of dairy and gluten-free foods available in the stores, but make sure you read labels very carefully, as gluten in particular is found in all kinds of random products.

Oily foods have also been linked to skin problems. Oils are hard for the body to digest, so if you suffer from weepy spots and pustules, oily, fried foods can make the problem worse. For this reason, stay away from oily fish such as salmon and mackerel.



Skin Friendly Foods

There are lots of foods that aid skin health. These include:


  • Avocado is full of Vitamin E and can nourish the skin from the inside out. You can also use avocado as a face mask.
  • Sweet potato contains beta carotene, which is essential for healthy skin.
  • Tomatoes are rich in Vitamin A and C. They also contain high levels of anti-oxidants, which clear the body of harmful free-radicals and reduce inflammation.
  • Berries are full of antioxidants, too, so include blueberries, raspberries and any other berries in season in your diet. Throw a handful of berries into your oatmeal or add some to plain natural yoghurt as a healthy dessert.
  • Lean, organically farmed red meat is a good source of healthy protein and excellent nourishment for the skin.
  • White pearl barley, mung beans and aduki beans are all good for pussy, weepy, inflamed skin.
  • Almonds and Brazil nuts are good sources of zinc, which is often deficient in acne sufferers.


Health Drinks for Healthy Skin

Drink plenty of water to flush the toxins from your body. Green tea and mint tea are also excellent for anyone with skin problems.

Eating a healthy diet will help your skin and give you a lot more energy, but if you want more information about healthy diets, check out slimming club reviews and other weight loss resources online.


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