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5 Ways Seniors Can Improve Their Quality of Life

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It is a fact that the average life expectancy of people living in developed countries is growing longer by the year. However, as we age there are bodily functions that seem to begin failing, even as we age beyond what had been expected even a generation ago. If you are one of the millions of Baby Boomers around the world who are looking to improve the quality of your life as you enter retirement age, here are 5 ways seniors can improve the quality of life.


1. Cliché but True – You Are What You Eat

This is a mantra we grew up with and probably came to resent at one time or another. Remember mom saying, “Eat your vegetables or you don’t get desert. You can’t grow strong and healthy without them. You are what you eat.” Well, it may be cliché but it is also true. Eat a diet low in fats and processed sugars and high in fiber. As we age it becomes increasingly difficult to maintain regularity and a diet high in soluble fibers will help keep the intestines free of toxins by keeping you regular. Also, keep in mind that as we grow older we require fewer calories daily, so stick with high nutrient, low-cal foods and you should be good to go. No pun intended!


2. Maintain an Active Social Life

The older we get, the fewer friends seem to still be around. There is no reason to sit in front of the television set bemoaning days gone by when you led an active social life. Most communities have senior centers and activities planned for older adults so why not get out of that easy chair and join a senior center? Many serve daily lunches where you can sit and chat with your peers, share a few stories from the past and play a few board games or participate in arts & crafts? It is easy to just give up living when sitting home alone, so don’t let that happen. You’d be surprised at just how many seniors are out there who share common interests.


3. Renew Your Sexuality

Many married couples find that sex no longer has the thrill it once had. Their desire for an intimate relationship has dwindled and for women the act itself may be just too painful to endure. Men find that they suffer from erectile dysfunction and simply give up trying. Modern medical treatments such as the innovative P-Shot offered by David Ghozland, M.D., Inc. in California can help men regain their confidence and once again enjoy healthy sexual relationships for a higher quality of life in senior years.


4. Never Stop Learning

Much research has been done in terms of staving off dementia and one of the best ways to keep the mind alert with improved cognition is through reading. As you age it is not necessary to let your brain go stagnant. Read, read and read some more. Never stop learning because the more you exercise those neurons, the stronger your mind will remain. It is a proven fact.


5. Establish a Regular Exercise Regimen

Finally, exercise is the key to keeping the body fit and limber. No, you don’t need to run a marathon or lift hundreds of pounds in weights but a good, brisk walk daily keeps the heart healthy and the body strong. Join a water exercise class that puts less strain on the body, take up ballroom dancing or join a low impact aerobics class. There is plenty you can do to stay fit and if you want a better quality of life, you need a healthy body to enjoy it!

These are just five simple suggestions that can help you retrieve some of that zest you’ve lost along the way. The point to remember is that the key to a better quality of life is to go out and live that life. Do what you can do to stay strong and healthy and soon you will look and feel years younger. Remember, time can’t get you if it can’t catch up to you so get out and get going. It’s as simple as that.

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