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Homeless Man Wins $1,000 Dollars With A Lottery Ticket. Watch His Reaction And What He Does With The Money. Get Prepared To Tear Up.

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A homeless man was given a lottery ticket by a stranger…this was no ordinary stranger, though. It was a video blogger with a plan to make this man’s day, month and year. The channel host, Rahat, said he had seen a homeless man in a shopping center for the past few weeks.

“And from what people have told me, he’s a nice and respectable guy,” Rahat said.

Instead of just giving the man money, Rahat and the store clerk plan to reward him for being such a good person. 


The clerk is ready with the money for the homeless man and counts it out for him…



With cash in hand the homeless man tries to give Rahat some of the winnings.

“I want to share it,” he said. “This right here is enough for me. I would like to share it with you, big guy.”


Rahat refused and as the homeless man began to tear up, they both hugged with watery eyes…

Watch the video below:

CREDITS: Magic of Rahat via YouTube

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