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Hidden Cameras Capture Stranger’s Reactions To A Little Boy In The Cold. What Would You Do?

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A small boy shivers at a bus stop in Oslo, wrapping his arms around himself while sitting on the transit bench. He’s by himself with no warm clothes in a freezing Norway city. What ordinary citizens do once they realize his situation warms not only 11 year old Johannes Lønnestad Flaaten, but the hearts of anyone who watches the video (below pictures).

A young woman who sat next to the boy notices him rubbing his arms. She asks him: ‘Don’t you have a jacket?’ ‘No, someone stole it,’ he replies. She questions him and discovers he’s on a school trip waiting for his teacher at the bus stop. Cold2


Without hesitation, she hands him her coat even though she is only wearing a t-shirt underneath it. Johanne’s predicament was a hidden camera experiment by Norwegian charity SOS Children’s Village as part of their winter campaign to gather donations to send necessary clothing to help Syrian children get through the winter. Many refugees have left their homes without winter clothing.


What they captured started as one woman and ended up a collection of wonderful people that all lend the boy the clothing off their back to make sure he is safe and warm.



Watch the entire scene unfold below:

Share this wonderful moment of human kindness with your friends and family. To be reminded of the positive and good people in the world is something everyone appreciates!

CREDITS: YouTube/DailyMail

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