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Terminally Ill Girl Received $7,500 From Charity. She Gave All The Money To Her High School.

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Jayci Glover is just 13-years-old, but the teenager has a heart and soul of gold. She has been fighting a rare form of terminal lymphoma for over a year, and it has caused her to gain 160 pounds over the course of her battle. When Make-A-Wish asked Jayci what she would like to do with the $7,500 they were going to give her she said she would like to donate all of it to her high school in Utah.

The foundation presented a $7,500 check to the school, in Jayci’s name, before a basketball game. The gymnasium was filled with her supporters and the boy’s basketball team paid tribute to her by wearing “Fight Lifht Jayci” t-shirts. Each one of them gave her a rose and hug or kiss before the game. Jayci described her homecoming as “awesome”.


In a recent blog post Jayci’s mom, Heather Glover, wrote on her Caring Bridge blog that “Jayci’s cancer is progressing no matter what we do.” They decided to bring her home from the hospital and let her enjoy time with loved ones.


She continues in the post, “It has progressed through many different types of chemo, through radiation on many different areas, even through a bone marrow transplant…More than that, at this point it is progressing very very quickly. It has spread all through her body.”


Jayci is one of the bravest kids one could ever meet, and her story is being spread like wildfire. A friend reached out to singer Jordin Sparks, and she had a very inspiring message for Jayci and her family.


To see Jordin’s message to Jayci, watch the video below:

The family has set up a fund in Jayci’s name to help pay for medical bills. To help them, visit the site here. Please share Jayci’s story of courage, love and faith. She’s a fighter and deserves to be acknowledged by the world.

CREDITS: YouTube/Daily Mail

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