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4 Housewarming Gift Ideas for Your Social Friend

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If you have a social friend who’s just become a new homeowner, congratulations! The housewarming party will be the first of many soirees at your friend’s new place.

Give a congratulatory gift that a social butterfly will appreciate. Check out these four housewarming gift ideas for your social friend.

1. Personalized Drink Coasters

Your friend will appreciate personalized drink coasters they can use every time visitors come over. The coasters will help keep your friend’s tabletops free from water damage, and a well-designed coaster incorporates both design and functionality.

This thoughtful gift is a great way to show your friend you know their sense of style. Decide on the message or image you want on the coasters to make it truly unique.

2. Charcuterie or Cheese Board

If your friend enjoys putting together fun food for social occasions, consider getting a charcuterie or cheese board. Your friend can prepare a delectable spread of smoked and cured meats, cheese, savory and sweet sides like hummus and jam, and crackers. Give your friend this gift and you’re sure to see this board decked out at a future get-together!

3. Outdoor Citronella Candles

When thinking of housewarming gift ideas for your social friend, consider their outdoor space. For many people, the first house they own is their first chance to create a special outdoor living area.

Giving your friend an outdoor citronella candle will help make their patio or porch more inviting. And when properly placed around the perimeter of a gathering, citronella candles create a barrier of protection against mosquitoes. Your gift will cast a warm glow on celebrations while helping to keep people comfortable.

4. Yard Games

Finally, you can give your friend yard games to make fun times outside more interactive. Cornhole is a great yard game for parties because it doesn’t require concentration and almost everyone can play it. Other popular yard games include croquet and giant Jenga.

These four gift ideas will help your friend host the best get-togethers. Whether in the kitchen or the yard, your friend will appreciate any of these thoughtful presents.

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