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Cycling Etiquette: Top Tips for New Commuters

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What makes a commute sublime, smart, or satisfying? The right type of travel, for sure. Individuals who commute to their workplaces must navigate a maze of vehicles and pedestrians to reach their final destinations. What’s the best path to take and mobility option to consider?

The barebones beauty of riding to work each day on a bicycle is clear for many individuals. This efficient transportation method provides significant health and environmental benefits, but there are a few general guidelines to keep in mind. Let’s take a closer look at cycling etiquette and top tips for new commuters. Here’s what you should know if you feel inspired to give this transit alternative a try.

Safety: Get the Right Bike and Gear

Nothing is more crucial than investing in the right bike for your commute. Whether you go traditional, hybrid, or electric, be sure to use one that’s comfortable and suitable for your body. If you plan to rely on battery-assisted power, consider different voltage options and pedaling strategies to boost the e-bike’s range. The right pedaling cadence can prevent energy waste and reduce safety concerns.

Vulnerability is too high of a price to pay for fashion’s sake. Just as you would buckle up your seat belt in a vehicle, be sure to buckle on a helmet for protection. If you’re concerned about your hair or clothes while riding to the office, bring along a hairbrush or spare clothing items in a backpack or saddlebag.

Predictability: Know Your Route

Variety is not the spice of life when it comes to cycling for daily commuting. Keep in mind that this type of cycling is not a race, competition, or joy ride. Don’t worry too much about what other people may be doing. When you come across others, it’s proper cycling etiquette to allow room to pass others or let them pass you.

Some commutes may feel intense, while others may be more casual. Make sure the traveling distance is achievable or plan a less intimidating route with reduced traffic. Being predictable is one of the top tips for new commuters. What’s most critical to riding safety is thoroughly knowing your route to work and not changing it up unless necessary. Save that kind of excitement for more exploratory adventures.

Visibility: Be Seen and Be Heard

Balancing assertiveness and timidness is vital for cyclist commuters. It’s better to be aggressive than meek on a bike, especially on busier streets or pathways. Overly-cautious riding doesn’t hold an advantage for urban commuters. Instead, it’s a dangerous risk to other riders, drivers, or pedestrians. The main objective is to ride your line with a wider berth and stay visible during daylight or nightfall. Reflective tape, lights, or bells help to remain noticeable from all angles.

Taking everything into consideration, commuting and getting around without a car are worthy advantages for new cyclist commuters. Remember to relax, breathe easy, and make the most of your biking.

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