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Easy Home Improvements To Increase Curb Appeal In the Fall

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Improving your home’s curb appeal is an easy, fun, and creative way to boost your property value. From renovating your backyard to painting your trim, the projects you complete will give you a put-together exterior, which suggests a put-together interior. The best thing about improving curb appeal is that you don’t have to start a major project to make a big difference. Sometimes, planting a new tree, painting the porch, or replacing your light fixtures is all you need to add extra value. Not sure what you can do for your home? Consider these easy home improvements to increase curb appeal in the fall.

Refresh Your Landscape

Adding some foliage is a fantastic way to boost your curb appeal, even during the autumn months. Think spring bulbs and sod. Take a weekend to pull weeds, trim back overgrown shrubs, and plant bulbs that will bloom in the spring. You can also plant trees in the fall. From clearing out an overgrown part of your yard to planting a new tree, refreshing your landscape is one of the easiest home improvements to increase curb appeal in the fall.

Give Your Door A Makeover

Your front door might be the most unassuming part of your home, but you can easily transform it into a statement piece. Paint your door a stand-out shade of red, a stylish matte black, or a trendy neutral. You could even sand it down, stain it, and give it a fresh coat of varnish. Swap out the hardware, and you’ve got a gorgeous front door that will be the talk of the neighborhood.

Replace Your Lighting

An outdated light fixture can make your house seem drab during the day and downright creepy at night. You’d be surprised at how much more light you can enjoy when you replace your fixture! If you don’t have the budget for something new, there’s no need to stress. Simply clean off the cobwebs and dirt and replace the bulb. If you’re feeling up to it, you can even spray-paint the frame. Don’t have an exterior light? Hang up some trendy string lights!

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