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13 Ways Women Are Way Better Than Men…And We Have Proof!

Anything you can do I can do better? Well, according to these facts and figures, it's actually true. Sorry, guys - we didn't want...

Want More Time In The Day? This Will Teach You How To Be More Productive With Less.

Regardless of career or lifestyle we all often find ourselves wishing for more time in the day. Since you cannot rally the world to...

Unreal Movie Posters Show That These Superheroes Are Ordinary Citizens And Don’t Need A Cape To Save Lives.

This compelling series of photos by photographer Brandon Cawood depicts actual firefighters, police officers and first responders, and others doing their every day jobs...

Have You Seen This Video Making Fun Of Conference Calls? You’ll Find It Funny And Painfully True!

Conference calls are absolutely no fun...it's scientifically proven. This video shines a light on just how ridiculous they are by using the "real world"...

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