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According To Science What We Need Is $80,000 And Social Media To Feel Completely Fulfilled.

Take Part Live visited one of the largest prisons in the world, spent time relaxing poolside, and had blood drawn in order to nail...

I Wish This Happened Every Time I Stepped In An Elevator.

"Avoid awkward eye contact." "Talk about the weather." "Ask what floor everyone needs."The elevator is a vessel of potentially silent and (sometimes) odd moments....

These People Did One Simple Thing To Be Happier, And It Worked.

Ever wondered what makes people truly happy? Is it a career? Money? Romantic relationships? While those things do contribute to our overall well-being, practicing...

A Soldier Dressed Up As Santa Thinks Up A Genius Plan To Surprise His Mother On Christmas.

'Tis the season for making people in your life so happy that they are brought to tears. This mother is in for the surprise...

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