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According To Science What We Need Is $80,000 And Social Media To Feel Completely Fulfilled.

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Take Part Live visited one of the largest prisons in the world, spent time relaxing poolside, and had blood drawn in order to nail down the hard science behind “happiness”. You may or may not be surprised to find out what exactly (according to this) makes all of us happier and better people…

:58: A recently released inmate describes his idea of happiness. 2:57: A doctor explains the amount of money needed to sustain our happiness. 3:29: An explanation of the things (other than money) that make or break how great you feel.6:30: How does social media affect our oxytocin levels? 7:07: If you’re totally selfish and unhappy, this is how you fix it…

CREDITS: Here’s Take Part Live’s original video.

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