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How to Be a Worldly Individual

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There comes a point in time where you have to be very open minded about every decision you make. Be a worldly individual, and experience the human race aside from the differences. Culture is something that affects the decision making process very strongly. The way you can do this is by being worldly, which in this context, is understanding that there are differences in people in different cultures and societies, but also appreciating human life as a whole. In the end we are one people, the human race, there might be different views, but no matter what we are a part of one race.

Source: Pixabay
Source: Pixabay

Humans today have lost a big part of being human, and that is humanity. With so many violent things happening in the world, no matter where we are we have to keep humanity. Without it, we aren’t humans but merely animals. With that, the idea of being worldly you have to see these things and that is the beginning of what will be a very open and worldly view on the planet.

Perception is Key

Source: Pixabay
Source: Pixabay

Life is more than just living and dying. Life is what you make of it, and the biggest thing you can do is be open to culture and worldly. Modern times plague us with wars, racism, stereotypes and societal influences; you have to break free from that. Understand, other people in the world are prone to the same things as we are. If you are from the UK you have a perception that differs from someone from the US, the same as anywhere else in the world. Values come in all shapes and sizes, we should not have different values based on how we are seasoned into believing a stereotype of someone, which was given by someone who is closed minded.

Your perception of what is going on is very important. You cannot sit there and look the other way, or act like things are not happening in the world. The world is a very vast and dangerous place, with many horrible things happening. You might want to live in bliss without thinking about it, but understanding the struggles will help propel your worldly view higher than you could imagine today. It does not matter where you are from in the world, there will always be different perceptions that you are essentially forced into thinking, in the end it is up to you to be different, be an individual and think like you, not like anyone else.

Your Own Idea

Worldly is something that you can take how you want, but what I want you to see is that we are all humans on this planet. What separates us is the idea of differences, and not accepting differences that are different from your own. There are hundreds of religions, yet people of these are still fighting wars because their neighbor does not believe in the same god. It is all the same, you might have been raised in a place where a stereotype of a group of people was mandatory, that does not mean you have to live in that. Being from the US many people outside of the country look at “Americans” a certain way, but why? Just because we are from different places does not mean we can’t relate.

Like most things in life, you have to see things with your own mind. You as a person, have the amazing ability to perceive anything which you want, in what way you want. The big thing is, you have to make sure to let yourself think for yourself. There are so many outside influences that will try and alter your thoughts. You see this in the media, news, social media, newspapers, advertisements, you name it, they are trying to influence you in some way. With all of these things trying to change the way you think, it is much easier to go with their flow, rather than being you. The power of the human mind can work with you or against you, and in most cases the mind is against you. But if you take control over your own life, you will find that being worldly is easy. We are all alike, and we all most definitely are a family.

Source: Pixabay
Source: Pixabay

Openness to Experience

Your experiences will tie in with how you go on through your life. The way you see the world can be changed in the blink of an eye, and with that, your experiences are the main culprit. If something is traumatizing it will give you a view that is different than yours now. Likewise goes with good experiences, if something good happens your view will change. No matter what, life will bring you experiences and you have to be open to new ones. You may have a perception of someone currently that is different from you, then you go through an experience which gives you a different outlook on that person.

Experiences are what matters in life, especially when trying to experience culture. The world has so many things to offer, and having openness to experience. To be everything you want to be you must be open. Life is too short to not experience things so in order to life to the upmost you have to see the world with the rich culture, and amazing people that are in it. You have hundreds of countries in the world, and over 7 billion people. Each of you are unique and truly amazing. We are a part of the human race, and just by using these few ways to become more worldly, you will find a lifestyle change which will truly impact you today and in the future of tomorrow.

The big idea is to be worldly individual; you have to be open to experience. Life is about experiencing everything that this amazing world has to offer. Be worldly and experience life to the fullest! With all the things that life has to offer, the people in it, will give you the most amazing experiences which you can share for years to come. Giving the gift of community is by far the most amazing thing you can do for others.

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