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Are They Using? 5 Clear Signs of Cocaine Use You Should Know About

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Drug addiction can creep into someone’s life slowly without much effort.

Substance abuse is killing Americans but each drug has its own perception. Some drugs can seem harmless. It’s these drugs that often lead to draining your bank account and damaging your body.

Cocaine addiction has been coined as a “party drug”. Yet the reality is cocaine is highly addictive and dangerous. 

If you’re able to identify signs of cocaine use, you can be the reason someone never has to go too far down a dark spiral. 

Addiction signs can be hard to spot if you don’t know what you’re looking for. Once you’re more aware, you’ll be able to tell if someone is abusing cocaine.

Here are the top 5 most common signs someone is using cocaine.

Understanding Signs of Cocaine Use 

Cocaine causes negative psychological, physical, and emotional effects. Many of the symptoms can be easily swiped under the rug by the user. It’s vital to review these common signs to better assess if someone is beginning to abuse cocaine. 

Cocaine dependency is hard to break if gone unchecked. Find out more about how to respond to a person who is using. 

1. Changes In Mood 

Cocaine has a short half-life. Abusers will feel the effects for about 5-30 minutes. As a result, this type of high leaves you with a fleeting high. Once the high fades, the user wants to take several doses back to back to maintain their elevated state.

When an individual runs out of cocaine they will display moodiness. The user will also display moodiness when they use high dosages. They may seem annoyed, angry, or even violent. 

2. Nose Irritation 

One of the clearest signs someone is using cocaine is nose related issues. These issues can include runny nose, nosebleeds, and loss of smell. This is due to the fact that the drug is commonly snorted. 

3. Financials Struggles 

The short high encourages dependency. Users will be willing to pay more and more to get more cocaine. If the person can’t seem to hold onto their money it’s time to pay closer attention.

The user will display financial red flags. They might have difficulty keeping a job. Some may resort to stealing from loved ones or other illegal activities to make money. 

4. Excessive Talking

Keep an eye out for individuals who unexpectedly become extroverted.
Cocaine works by stopping dopamine from being recycled. This causes the user to have more confidence. They will appear more talkative than usual.

5. Avoidance Behaviors 

When the high is over, individuals will avoid social settings and gatherings.

Cocaine use can cause individuals to become anxious and paranoid. As a person comes down from the high, they experience a crash. The aftermath leaves them unable to focus or connect socially with others. 

This type of behavior decreases the chances of an outsider spotting a warning sign. 

Stop Drug Abuse Before Drug Addiction

Drug dealers will try to sell cocaine as a pick me up you can stop using anytime. Abuse does not equal addiction. However, abuse often leads to addiction.

Spottings signs of cocaine use early has fewer consequences compared to a full-blown addiction. Knowing is half the battle. Your knowledge can help someone else avoid a fight against drug addiction.

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