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This 98-Year-Old Just Took A Test To Get Her Driver’s License. The Reason Why Will Make You Want To Hug Your Best Friend.

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Evelyn, a beautiful and youthful 98-year-old woman lost her driver’s license due to her age. “Someone thought I was too old,” Evelyn claims. She lives full-time in a retirement community without any public transportation, leaving her and her neighbors stranded for most of the remainder of their lives. When Evelyn’s friend Joyce expressed the grief of staying inside and never leaving, Evelyn made a promise that she would take Joyce to the grocery store. So, she went her local Department of Motor Vehicles and took each of the required tests. What happens next is a story of friendship and living that will invigorate your will to spread joy and give back in any way you can.

CREDITS: I Like Giving via YouTube

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