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Five Ways to Keep Your Life Private

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In today’s ultra-connected world, it can feel like other people and corporations know all about you. Thanks to the rise of the internet, social media and data collection tools, it’s scary to think that a lot of your private information is already out there, sold and traded for profit. There is a way to take your life back, however, and make it far more private.

There are many benefits to keeping your life private, such as feeling a genuine sense of security as well as potential employers knowing nothing about your private life before they bring you in for an interview. Read on for five key tips.

Install Hardware on Your Laptop or Computer

Hackers love to get into people’s computers and steal information, no matter how big or small their targets may be. That’s why it’s essential to install anti-virus software that can protect you in the case of a malware attack. This should be accompanied by a lot of common sense, such as not responding to friend requests or answering emails from people you don’t know personally.

Secure Your Social Media Accounts

With much of people’s lives online, it’s easy for a complete stranger to know so much about you simply due to visiting your social media accounts. That’s why it is highly recommended to set all of your profiles to private so you only interact with people that you consider to be your genuine friends. One step better is to create an address book of the addresses and phone numbers of your friends and simply delete your social media accounts entirely.

Tint Your Car Windows

When you are driving around town, it’s normal not to want people to be able to spot you from a distance. To avoid this from happening, you can simply get your windows tinted. One company that is able to help you make this dream a reality is sandiegoautoglasstint.com, which offers a reasonable price when it come to window tinting.

Don’t Overshare

These days it’s easy to meet a stranger in a bar and somehow know their entire life story within half an hour. That’s because a lot of people are chronic over-sharers. If you don’t want somebody to know about you, the solution is really quite simple: avoid long responses to personal questions and provide boring answers. Soon the person you are talking to will have had enough of your dull company and simply won’t ask any more personal questions.

Pay in Cash

One of the most unsettling parts of modern life is knowing that your bank or credit card provider more or less knows exactly what you are spending your money on every single day. Keep them guessing by taking money out at an ATM and spending your hard-earned cash with bills and coins. While there are some establishments, and almost entire countries, that may no longer be taking cash, you can either buy a prepaid cash card, or simply decide to take your business somewhere else.

Now you’re armed with the top ways to keep your life somewhat private.

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