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6 Essential Tips for Lowering Your Blood Pressure

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Have you recently been diagnosed with high blood pressure? You will more than likely be eager to bring down those troublesome numbers to create a healthier body. We are therefore providing six essential tips to help you take control of your blood pressure.

Lose Weight

Your blood pressure will often rise as your weight increases. Overweight men and women may also have trouble breathing, which can cause sleep apnea that can also raise your blood pressure levels. Losing only ten pounds will allow you to control your blood pressure, so aim to lower your blood pressure levels by improving your diet.

Regular Exercise

Aim to experience 30 minutes of exercise most days of the week, which can considerably reduce your blood pressure. However, you must embark on regular exercise or your blood pressure levels will creep back up. The best forms of exercise to avoid hypertension include walking, swimming, jogging, cycling, dancing, and strength training. If in doubt, speak to your doctor for the best form of exercise for high blood pressure.

Hemp E-Liquid

You only need to read about the benefits of cannabidiol to realize why many people are turning to Cloud 9 Hemp. Cannabidiol (CBD) is a natural component within the hemp plant, which can help consumers to manage stress, anxiety, and headaches, plus more. It’s also believed to help people reduce hypertension, which will allow you to live a happier life. A hemp e-liquid could be an effective and legal treatment that can be added into a vape device.

Limit Your Sodium Intake

Improve your blood pressure by limiting your sodium intake to less than 2,300 milligrams each day. However, if you have a salt sensitivity, it’s advisable to consume 1,500 milligrams or less each day. You may be sensitive to sodium if you’re African-American, are over the age of 51 years old, or have been diagnosed with diabetes or chronic kidney disease.

Cut Back on Alcohol

Did you know that alcohol can be both good and bad for your body? One standard glass of alcohol each day has the potential to lower your blood pressure levels by 2-4mm Hg. Yet, drinking more than one standard glass a day can cause hypertension. Unsure of the right amount to consume each day? There is 12 ounces in a standard beer, five ounces in wine and 1.5 ounces in liquor. Any more than the recommended amount and you could catapult your blood pressure levels, and it may also interfere with blood pressure medication.

Stop Smoking

Many people are aware of the dangers of traditional smoking, such as the development of cancer, heart disease and respiratory condition. However, did you know that smoking can also cause hypertension? Every cigarette you smoke can increase your blood pressure for many minutes. So, don’t put your health at risk and quit smoking traditional cigarettes to improve your levels and increase your life expectancy. Speak to your doctor for helpful tips on how to quit.

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