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5 Unusual Sports to Keep You Motivated

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In order to live a healthy and happy life, it is important to take care of your body. One way of doing this is by engaging in physical exercise. For some, this is simple enough. If you love to stay fit and active, the idea of spending hours at the gym is a dream come true. However, if you struggle to find such motivation, exercising can begin to feel like a chore. Whatever you do, don’t write off all exercise at once! Instead, it is important to explore all of your options. Don’t limit yourself to the mainstream sporting activities, think outside the box. There are thousands of sports out there, and one of them is sure to be the perfect fit for you. Below are five unusual sports that you need to consider taking up.

Rock climbing

Rock climbing is often disregarded as a one-off activity that’s a bit of fun. However, it is actually a very effective way of staying fit and healthy. Rock climbing forces you to use all of the muscles in your body. It is also the perfect activity for anyone who finds it hard to maintain an exercise regime. Instead of counting down the minutes, you will find that all of your attention is focused on the climb itself. If you are interested in rock climbing, most leisure centers have a wall. Try to find out which hours are the quietest, as this will help you to avoid the amateur climbers who are just there to mess around. You could also consider booking a few lessons to help you build up your confidence. Once you have learnt the basics, you can use rock climbing as a great way to improve your flexibility, core strength, stamina, and coordination.


Any fans of The Hunger Games or Robin Hood may already have secret dreams of taking up archery. Now is the time to make your dreams a reality. Archery is a great sport for anyone to get involved in. It can help to improve your hand eye coordination and the strength of the muscles in your arms. It can also be an extremely relaxing activity, as you need to clear your mind and control your breathing. Why wait to get started? You can easily purchase your archery equipment at BowGrid, and then look online to find a suitable club to practice at. If you struggle to move around at a fast pace, and this has previously prevented you from engaging with sport, archery is the solution to all of your problems. It is also the perfect activity for anyone who wants to relax, but isn’t enamoured with the prospect of Yoga or Pilates. Archery is also a great fit for anyone who prefers to exercise on their own, rather than having to take part in team sports.

Chess Boxing

If you are hoping to improve your mental strength, along with your physical strength, chess boxing is your ideal sport. This sport requires its players to engage their brains and their muscles in equal measure. Invented by a Dutch performance artist, this discipline has its competitors engaging in alternate rounds of chess and boxing. If you enjoy sports that involve one on one combat, rather than teamwork, this hybrid will definitely appeal to you. Alternatively, you may be someone who either really enjoys chess or really enjoys boxing. Why not use this as the perfect opportunity to expand your skill set? Both activities involve anticipating the next move of your opponent and knowing how best to respond. You may be surprised at how well chess and boxing relate to one another.


Fans of Harry Potter will be excited to know that Quidditch has now been recognized as an official sport. Unfortunately, modern technology has not yet reached the point of being able to create broomsticks and flying snitches. However, ground level Quidditch is an enjoyable alternative. This sport is actually a great way to inject some fun into your exercise. Just like many other sports, you will be running around, catching and throwing balls, and following a clear set of rules. However, you will also be getting the chance to embrace your inner child. This is a fantastic way to improve your ability to use your imagination. Studies have also shown that embracing your inner child can dramatically increase an individual’s level of creativity. Quidditch is also a fantastic way to get involved in a team sport without running the risk of the game becoming too competitive. It is hard to imagine a serious argument breaking out when everyone involved is running around on imaginary brooms. This way you get the best of both worlds; being able to take part in a team sport without the pressure of engaging with overly aggressive players. This can also be a family-friendly sport for those who have kids to engage with.


Zorbing is the perfect activity for any adrenaline junkies who want to try something totally out of the ordinary. When else will you get the opportunity to roll down a hill in a giant inflatable ball? Not only this, but zorbing can actually help to improve your balance, strength, and flexibility. Just like rock climbing, zorbing doesn’t have to be a one off activity. Instead, it can be viewed as a serious sport. There are even competitions that you can get involved in if you think you have a real talent for it. If you want to mix it up, you could even progress to Harness Zorbing or Hydro Zorbing. The former activity involves being strapped into a harness and moving at an even faster pace, while the latter involves the introduction of water. There is also the newer option of Snow Zorbing where participants get to roll down snowy slopes at a great speed! If you are easily bored by sports, zorbing is a sure way to keep yourself entertained. Just make sure that you join a reputable club and fully understand all of the safety regulations before you get started.

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