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5 Tips for Picking a Baby Name

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So, you’re having a baby? Congratulations! Now comes one of the most momentous decisions you take when bringing a new person into the world – what are you going to call him or her?

For some of us, we’ve dreamed of having a child for years and have always known what the perfect name will be them when they do arrive. For others, the pressure of deciding on a name that our child will carry for the rest of their lives and that can shape and define them is overwhelming.

Given the importance of the decision, there are plenty of considerations that should go into it. To help get your started, here are five tips for picking a baby name.

The name should sound right

Say the name you’ve settled on out loud. You need to combine it with the babies last name to ensure it doesn’t rhyme. You should also avoid having a first name that ends with a vowel alongside a last name that starts with one, otherwise the sounds run together. If it sounds good when you speak it, chances are it is good.

Make it unique

You don’t want your baby to grow up to become just another Tom, Dick or Harry – so avoid the common names of the day. Searching for the most popular baby’s names from the last few years is one way to ensure you pick something unique, but don’t go too far the other way. Having something totally unheard of could lead your child to be bullied and you certainly won’t want to be like the Swedish woman who’s story made the Council Chronicle recently after she went to get the name of her newborn baby tattooed on her, only for the tattooist to spell it wrong. Rather than have the tattoo redone, she changed the babies name!

Name your child after a relative or friend

In 2009 it was reckoned that nearly half of all American’s were named after a family member. Whether that be out of love or tradition, going for the name of someone who meant a lot to you such as well-loved Grandparent can provide you with a connection to them and give your child a strong connection with their family from the moment they are born. If you aren’t from a tight knit family, then a best friend with good qualities who you hope your child may one day emulate works for similar reasons.

Keep the spelling simple

Those of you with complicatedly spelt names will know all about this one, but it really is true that the simpler the spelling, the better. Not only will it ensure your child has any easier time of it when learning to spell at school, but it will also save the embarrassment of them constantly having to tell the Starbucks barrister how to spell their name when picking up their morning coffee in the 2040’s. Presuming of course that Starbucks still exists.

Check their initials

Always consider what their initials are going to end up spelling. You don’t want their initials to end up spelling a curse word or being an insult as that is something that will stick with them for life.

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