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5 Of the Best Super-foods With Tons Of Health Benefits

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If you want to improve your health, consider boosting your nutrition through the foods and drinks that you consume every day. Even the smallest changes, such as switching out soda for water at your meals, can make a big difference in your ability to lose weight, stay in shape, and ward off a variety of diseases. But if you want to really get the biggest and most positive impact from your diet, incorporate the following super-foods into your meals.

1. Wheat-grass

Wheat-grass is pretty amazing because it might look like it wouldn’t contain a whole lot of nutrition, but it really does. This super-food has protein, fiber, and a host of vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants. It can help your body detoxify, it can boost the oxygen level in your blood and improve circulation so that the oxygen can be delivered to every cell even more effectively, and it can even boost your immune system. You can easily get your daily dose of wheat-grass to drink by clicking here and purchasing wheat-grass shots that you can take anywhere and enjoy anytime.

2. Kalesalad-374173_640

There’s a lot of talk about kale and its many health benefits. When it comes to dark, leafy greens, this is one of the best ones that you should be incorporating into your daily diet. You can even juice this vegetable to get all of its nutrients quickly and easily. With a host of antioxidants, calcium, iron, a

nd fiber, this is a complete food that can be enjoyed raw, boiled, roasted, stewed, and steamed.

3. Broccolibroccoli-952532_640

Broccoli is another super-food that is delicious and filled with vital nutrients that can help your body protect itself against a variety of diseases, including cancer. The phytochemicals in this vegetable, along with the high levels of vitamin C, vitamin E, and vitamin A, help to boost the power of the immune system. Just be aware that boiling your broccoli will reduce the vitamin C content by 50%, so it is best to steam or blanch it instead.

4. Chia

Chia seeds are packed with essential fatty acids that will support the health of your heart and your brain. Fatty acids also impart anti-inflammatory benefits throughout the body and can, therefore, help prevent a variety of diseases. On top of that, chia seeds contain calcium, magnesium, p

otassium, and iron, which are all necessary to keep your body strong and balanced.

5. Blueberries

Blueberries are sweet, yummy fruits that are known as nutritional stars. They are loade

d with vitamin C, compounds that naturally fight cancer, and fiber that will help your body detoxify. Studies have even found that eating more blueberries might help you improve your memory. Eat them raw or in your favorite oatmeal, yogurt, and healthy desserts.

By incorporating more super-foods like the ones listed above into

your daily diet, you can start to see some positive changes in the way that you feel, and even in how much you weigh. Definitely make it a point to find recipes that will allow you to reap the benefits of these foods more easily.


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