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3 Tips for Creating a Welcoming Landscape

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Have you ever passed by a house that looked a little worse for wear or could use some sprucing up? Curbside appeal is massively important to many of us because it can do wonders in creating a welcoming atmosphere. However, attaining that type of attractive outer landscape can be a challenge, given all the aspects you must consider. That is why you might benefit from these tips for creating a welcoming landscape at your home.

Keep Foliage Simple

Foliage is one of the most impactful aspects to incorporate into your outdoor landscape that will dramatically improve its attractiveness. However, keep in mind that when you are choosing foliage for your home, you should imagine your plants fully matured. Many people will overdo their landscape with foliage as they feel it looks too sparse, given that the plants they purchase will be quite young and small. Your plants will mature and grow larger in the coming years, so plan ahead for that and keep things simple.

Add Lighting

Many people don’t think of lighting their architecture and landscape, but it’s a great option to highlight your home’s beautiful subtleties. You can’t deny the immediate charm a home has when it’s lit up with warm ambient lighting. Lighting helps to accentuate your home’s unique attributes, allowing you to admire the details, whether day or night. Moreover, lighting also makes it much easier to entertain guests outside.

Splash of Color

Incorporating a splash of color into your porch is one of the best tips for creating a welcoming landscape. Nothing stops you in your tracks more for a moment of admiration than a quaint home with an adorable color display. It helps to stick with one vibrant color like blue or yellow and add touches of it to your home. Consider utilizing pillows, decorative pieces, and plants to add some color. You might also want to add a picturesque splash by painting your front door an eye-catching hue.

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