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3 Benefits of Using Fusible Applique in a Quilt

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While quilting has gone in and out of style over the years, its popularity is picking back up. Quilting allows us to creatively express ourselves while making something useful that will last a long time. If you’re new to quilting or just trying to expand your skills, then consider using fusible applique in a quilt. There are three significant benefits to using this applique instead of other applique options, such as hand-stitched applique.

Anyone Can Use Fusible Applique

Unlike hand-stitched applique or other quilt applique options, anyone can use fusible applique. This is because you iron fusible applique onto a quilt, then sew the edges to ensure it stays in place. You can buy fusible applique for your next project or make your own applique with your desired fabric and fusible backing. No matter what type of applique you have, you’ll simply iron it onto your quilt, sew the edges, and move on. Beginners love using fusible applique to add visual interest to their quilt without overexerting themselves.

Fusible Applique Saves Hand Strength

Beginners aren’t the only quilters that can overexert themselves. If you sew regularly or have hand problems, sewing applique can drain your strength. Using an iron to apply fusible applique and sewing the edges will help you save your hand strength for other parts of your quilting project. Most people can’t tell the difference between applique types, so no one will know you skipped the extra labor and saved your hands.

Using Fusible Applique Saves Time

You won’t just save your hands when you use fusible applique; you’ll also save time. Hand-sewing detailed applique takes much longer than simply ironing on applique fabric and sewing the edges. If you’re making a project with a strict deadline or realize you need to add applique at the last minute, then this is a quilting technique you should use. There are different quilting techniques you can try throughout your project, but none save time like fusible applique does.

These three benefits of using fusible applique in a quilt can help beginner and experienced quilters realize how helpful this technique is. With this useful material, anyone can create a beautiful quilt without straining their hands or running out of time.

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