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How To Honor Veterans Throughout the Year

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Veterans Day isn’t the only time to support troops and veterans. They deserve acknowledgment year round! Learn how to honor veterans throughout the year with this quick post!

Take a Veteran Out To Eat

There’s nothing better than a good meal and heartfelt conversation. Take a veteran out to eat and ask about their service. Ask questions like, “How long did you serve?” and “What was your favorite moment in the service?” and “Why did you choose your branch?” Many veterans are happy to share their stories, while others prefer not to. Remain polite and allow them to share as much as they want or are willing.

Volunteer at Your Local VA Facility

Volunteering at your local veteran affairs (VA) facility is one of many easy ways to support veterans in your community. VA facilities offer health-based treatments. They have rehabilitation services, vision care, oncology, and traditional hospital services. The establishment accepts volunteers to facilitate activities, serve snacks, escort patients, and assist staff. Make a difference by donating your time to VA hospitals.

Donate to Veteran-Focused Charities

Honor veterans throughout the year by donating to veteran-focused charities. For example, the Wounded Warrior Project is a nonprofit organization that helps veterans and active-duty service people who incurred injuries in the field. The organization provides health treatment programs to aid wounded veterans.

Other charities donate goods to homeless veterans, help military families, and provide service dogs to veterans. Organizations rely on donations to fund various initiatives. Help a veteran in need by financially supporting these foundations.

Host a Care Package Drive

If you know some troops overseas, hold a care package drive to create gifts and send them over. Receiving a package from home lifts spirits and connects troops with their loved ones.

If you don’t know anyone overseas, you can still help! There are plenty of organizations that connect you with troops. Gather a group of volunteers to craft packages and send troops the gifts.

Hand Out Veteran Appreciation Gifts

Do you know a group of veterans in your neighborhood or have a close veteran in your life? If so, veteran appreciation gifts are thoughtful ways to honor them. Personalized plaques, custom wallets, and tactical-themed mugs are popular gifts. For large groups, consider bulk gifts like wristband bracelets or challenge coins. The delightful surprise will make a veteran’s day better!

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