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7 Reasons Why You Should Get Internet Even If It Is A Cheap One

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We tend to take internet access for granted these days, but not everyone has the benefit of cheap, reliable broadband. In some parts of the world, internet access is non-existent or patchy at best, so whilst the rest of us are making the most of what the online world has to offer, some poor individuals can’t even download an email. So what seven fun things can you do online if you have cheap internet?


Make People Jealous on Social Media

Part of the fun of updating a social media account is the knowledge that someone, somewhere, will be jealous of what you are doing or who you are with. It makes us good to know our friends are envious. That’s human nature unfortunately. So if you are sunning your lithe body on a beach in Mauritius, be sure to post the photo on Instagram and Facebook.

Download Weird Movies

There is a whole back catalogue of weird and wonderful movies available online, so if you saw a totally awesome zombie movie when you were a teenager, look for it online and download it so you can terrify yourself all over again.

Check Out the Latest Celebrity Gossip

It can be a time consuming process browsing celebrity gossip sites, but if you have cheap broadband, you can spend as much time as you like catching up on what the Kardashian sisters have been up to lately.

Shop for Dodgy Stuff

Do you need some new toys for the bedroom? If so the internet is the place where you can go shopping discretely, without worrying about meeting someone you know in the store.

Book a Dream Vacation

The internet makes booking travel a breeze. Long gone are the days when we relied upon a trusted travel agent to find the best deals for us. These days, we can go online and compare flights, hotels and hire cars at home. It’s great!

Stalk Your Ex

Stalking an ex online is something many of us are guilty of. It can be painful seeing an ex cuddling a new love on social media, but if it helps you to move on, then it’s for the greater good. And if you have cheap internet, you can spend as much time as you like checking up on them.

Talk to Family and Friends

Talking to friends and family via Skype and other messaging apps is so much cheaper if you have a good internet deal. You can even see them if you use a video messaging app.


Whilst the internet is a fantastic resource – and not many people would argue otherwise – it isn’t much fun if you are paying through the nose for the privilege of going online. It works best if you can enjoy fast download speeds at an economical price, but unless you have spent time and effort doing your research, you probably won’t have the best deal. So check out http://fiberinternetproviders.com/ and see what the latest bundles are, and if you think there is a better deal out there, snap it up.

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