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Wondering When to See a Chiropractor? Signs You Should Go Today

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In 2016, the CDC reported that an estimated 20.4 percent of adults in the United States had chronic pain. As a result, fewer people can perform their day-to-day tasks. Chronic pain paralyzes them from living a normal life. 

There is a help, though, for some individuals with chronic pain, and it does not lie in a pill or a prescription: natural medicine. 

Chiropractors use natural methods including physical manipulation to help their patients deal and eliminate chronic pain. 

But how do you know when to see a chiropractor? How do you know your pain is not just some basic aches that come with aging and that someone can help you? 

When to See a Chiropractor

Chiropractors do so many things that you can go see one even when you haven’t experienced a catastrophic event. Even the basic operations of life can cause wear and tear that a chiropractor can help.

Natural Treatment Over Traditional Treatment

If you’ve attempted the medical route for your pain and have not found satisfying answers, the natural treatment that a chiropractor provides may help. You can avoid prescriptions and pills and still find pain relief. 

Chiropractors have different training compared to what a medical doctor receives. Typically, the chiropractor seeks to treat the whole person, considering lifestyle and nutrition in addition to manipulation. 

A chiropractor may prescribe a specific type of pillow or a shoe insert that will help alleviate pain rather than just giving you medication that will numb your pain and cause disturbing side effects. 

Daily Headaches

If you are the victim of daily headaches, a chiropractor visit may help you. A daily dull ache can slow down your thinking and productivity.

Headaches result from dehydration, stress, poor blood flow, and many other causes. A regular adjustment can increase blood flow to the head and facilitate healing overall. Your headache will disappear. 

Some people would argue: wouldn’t a dose of ibuprofen do just as well and save money? In the short term, the ibuprofen will help, but the long-term effects of pain killers are far more costly than a chiropractor visit.   

Physical Demands of a Job

The physical demands of daily work often drivers people to a chiropractor. We often think of those who do heavy lifting regularly often seem like the best candidates for the chiropractor’s waiting room.  

But everyone has an occupational hazard that can cause overuse injuries. 

Even someone like a hairstylist could benefit from a chiropractor visit. Think about the position you take every day at work. Hairstylists suffer from shoulder and lower back pain regularly because of their bent-over position for hours on end. 

The best chiropractor will evaluate the whole person and consider what he or she can do. The chiropractor will ask questions about your daily life and work and then evaluate your risk for injury or overuse. 

Uneven Shoes

The smoking gun for back problems is often underfoot: shoe soles Take a look at the soles of your shoes, and if you see an uneven wear pattern, beware. You need an adjustment.

Uneven soles indicate that one leg could be longer than the other. Your hips may be out of kilter, and as a result, your regular gait is suffering.

A basic adjustment that chiropractors typically perform will put your back in shape almost immediately. And it will save your shoes.

Shooting Pain

If uneven wear is the smoking gun, then shooting pain is the loud alarm that you need a chiropractor.

It happens so simply. You turn and twist to grab something, and shooting pain paralyzes you. If you experience shooting pain down your legs, you need to visit a chiropractor.

The Bureau of Labor and Statistics states chiropractors care for patients with problems in their neuromusculoskeletal system. This includes nerves, bones, muscles, ligaments, and tendons–everything that could cause shooting pain down your legs. 

Individuals who attempt to live with this type of pain will find themselves missing out on the basic joys of life. A visit to the chiropractor can change this scenario. 

Active Person, Sedate Job

Often neuromusculoskeletal problems start because of good intentions.

For example, if you have a quiet job and you know you need a healthier lifestyle, you logically begin to exercise more. You may dive in, fully committed, and then you find yourself with paralyzing pain. 

If you have a job that requires you to sit for hours on end but you want to be an active person, you’re a sitting duck for injuries. A chiropractor will help you stay healthy and avoid injuries.

The syndrome of gluteal amnesia, also known as dead butt syndrome, is real. Your glutes stay asleep and refuse to fire when you stay seated too long. And since all parts of your back connect to your glutes and core, compromised glutes will mean a compromised back. 

A visit to the chiropractor will lead to specific exercises that wake up those glutes and allow you to resume that healthy lifestyle. 

Automobile Accident

The United States has hosted over 40,000 automobile accidents for the past three years consecutively. If you’re one of the statistics, you need to visit a chiropractor. 

Many chiropractors receive special training to assist individuals who have incurred injuries in a car accident. They know what to look for since more than just whiplash can result from an accident.  

Your body absorbs an unnatural amount of energy when you endure the jarring motion of a car accident. This energy wreaks havoc on joints and muscles, and a chiropractor can bring some relief. 

Stay Healthy

You do not need to have a problem to visit your chiropractor. If you want to simply maintain your health, then visit your chiropractor.

If you struggle with stress and stress-related illness, visit the chiropractor. He or she will provide you with exercise, nutritional guidance, and techniques that help relieve your stress.  

No Fear: the Bone Setter is Here

Bygone generations called the chiropractor the bonesetter because he adjusted bones and set them back where they belonged. Chiropractic practices have advanced significantly so that you can find relief from even basic stress.

These signs of when to see a chiropractor will help you know how to spend your money and time wisely. 

Check out more articles on our blog for ways to stay healthy. 

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