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What Do You Do in Rehab: A Guide on What It’s Like

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Are you preparing to enter drug rehab for the first time? Rest assured, you’re not alone. 

Millions of Americans struggle with drug abuse every day and seek addiction treatment. Accepting you have a problem and finding help are the first steps toward reclaiming your life. But it isn’t always easy.

Are you apprehensive about entering rehab? Curious about what it’s like?

We’ve got you covered.

Keep reading to learn the ins and outs of recovery and answer the question, “What do you do in rehab?”, so you can enter feeling confident and prepared.

Plenty of Meetings

One of the most beneficial aspects of drug rehab are group meetings. Here you’ll meet fellow addicts struggling with similar issues.

These meetings are judgment-free zones. Counselors will encourage you to get involved, ask questions, and let your guard down.

Sometimes, the emotional and mental recovery from addiction is more challenging than the physical. 

Talking about your challenges outloud will help you recognize addiction triggers and patterns of behavior. Many rehab facilities offer meetings throughout the day, starting first thing in the morning.

Different Types of Therapy

Group meetings are just one form of therapy you’ll find at a drug rehab program. Alternative forms of therapy help accommodate your personal needs. 

Individual behavioral therapy (also known as cognitive-behavioral therapy) is the most effective way to uncover your specific triggers and how to treat them. 

Family therapy is often offered to help you and loved ones cope with your addiction and the ways it impacts their lives and your relationships. 

Other forms of therapy include:

  • Yoga and exercise programs
  • Meditation
  • Dance therapy
  • Equine therapy
  • Art and music therapy

Drug rehab focuses on healing the entire person from the inside out. 

Structured Schedule

While many rehab facilities are designed with your comfort in mind, remember that this isn’t a vacation. 

The rehab center you choose will plan enrichment activities that are both fun and beneficial to your overall well-being. But rehab is far from a free-for-all. 

You won’t be allowed to sleep late, skip meetings or activities, or be disrespectful or disruptive to fellow patients or staff.

Rehabs have a structured schedule for a reason. It helps acclimate you to the routine of daily life. It also holds you accountable and helps reinforce responsibility.

Limited Access to the Outside World

One of the biggest challenges addicts face is relapse. When you return to your old life, old habits, and old friends, you run the risk of returning to unhealthy behaviors—including drug abuse.

In order to start fresh and fully recover, most rehab facilities will limit your contact with the outside world. That means no cell phones or other electronic devices allowed. 

The counselors and therapists want your dedicated attention and focus on healing. This means drowning out distractions and outside influences.

Some rehabs allow family members to visit for family counseling sessions and will allow a certain number of phone calls during your stay. 

Remember, this is your time. Use rehab as a way to reclaim control of your life and focus completely on your needs.

What Do You Do in Rehab? Find out Today

Entering a drug rehab program is the first step toward recovery. Knowing the answer to the question, “What do you do in rehab?”, helps you enter with confidence, faith, and hope for a brighter, healthier future.

Looking for more tips on living a healthy and rewarding life? Check out our blog regularly for advice and stories of inspiration.

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