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What To Look For In A Property CGI Specialist’s Work

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CGI isn’t just something that is used in movies to make action scenes more exciting and stunts safer. It can also be used in a variety of different business and sales situations, ensuring that the vision you have can be seen by others.

When it comes to property, CGI can be the ideal way to sell a house that has yet to be built; you can use a specialist to design a CGI version of what your property will look like, right down to the backyard, so that anyone interested in buying can have a fully formed idea of how they might live in the property, even if you’ve only just laid the foundations.

So what should you be looking for in a piece of CGI if you want it to sell your property for you? Read on for some useful tips.

A Good Angle

Choosing the right angle makes all the difference when it comes to an excellent piece of CGI that will actually help to sell your property. If the depiction is a front-on one, the house will usually look uninteresting and flat, even in 3D.

A property CGI specialist will take your plans and pick an angle that shows off the very best side of the property, including the different elevations and lighting. Although a CGI image of your property is a practical sales tool, don’t forget that you are selling to human beings, and a little bit of romance and intrigue – such as you would find when you place the image at an angle – is going to help them imagine themselves living there much more than a standard front-on image ever would.


Although you can never say that the CGI image is a photograph, it should look as close to one as possible. In this way, you can really help potential buyers get a better idea of their new homes. Remember, when you are competing with properties that a buyer can step inside and look around and you only have an image to show them, it has to be good otherwise you’ll lose out to the competition.

With this in mind, texture is always going to be important. When you are looking at the portfolio of specialists and trying to decide who to use for this vital task, check for texture in the images. The more texture there is, whether it’s on the property itself, the driveway, or even the trees in the yard, the more lifelike the image will feel and the easier it will be for potential buyers to understand your vision.

Other Details

It’s great to have a fantastic image of the property you’re building to show potential buyers, and even to use as inspiration to complete the job, but the house alone isn’t enough, and you’ll need your CGI specialist to be able to add extra details to the image to make it look more realistic. These extra details could include:

  • Cars on the driveway
  • Trees and flowers in the yard
  • People
  • Window treatments
  • Clouds in the sky

These and other extras within your image won’t change how the property looks, but it will help the entire thing feel more real, and will appeal much more to any potential buyers.

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