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What Is A Qui Tam Attorney And When Might You Need One?

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If you have never heard of a Qui Tam attorney before, don’t worry; most people haven’t. However, Qui Tam lawyers play an essential role in the modern US legal system. These are the lawyers that help to pursue whistleblower cases. Whistleblowers are the people who inform the rest of us about wrongdoing within the government and private businesses. Whistleblowers often risk a lot by making their claims public; Qui Tam attorneys ensure that they are heard properly.

Every American worker should be aware of Qui Tam attorneys. You never know when you might be in a position to blow the whistle.

What Is A Qui Tam Lawyer?

A Qui Tam lawyer, also known as a whistleblower lawyer, specializes in arguing or defending cases involving whistleblowers, as defined under the False Claims Act. Under this act, whistleblowers include anyone who reports on illegal or fraudulent activity. Anyone aware of fraudulent activity taking place has a legal obligation to report it to the US government. Whistleblowers who report cases of fraud might find themselves in line for financial compensation.

When Might You Need A Qui Tam Lawyer?

Under the False Claims Act, any private citizens can act as a whistleblower. Whoever becomes aware of another US citizen or business’s wrongdoing and fraudulent activities can sue them for defrauding the government. These lawsuits are filed ‘under seal’, meaning that their existence is kept secret from the parties they concern. Only the government is aware that a suit has been filed.

The Justice Apartment investigates every Qui Tam case and does so without the knowledge of the subjects of the complaint. This approach ensures that whistleblowers can file complaints with the confidence that they will be handled discretely. The complaint will remain sealed for 60 days while the DOJ conducts their investigation. During this time, the government’s attorneys will decide whether they want to intervene in the case or sign up for the lawsuit.

Anyone who is pursuing a Qui Tam case against another individual or business needs to retain a Qui Tam lawyer’s services. It is never a good idea to face serious legal proceedings without appropriate representation.

Most Common Qui Tam Cases

Qui Tam cases can be filed against any individual, business, or other entity that is committing fraud against the US government. There is a range of fraud claims. However, some of the most common reasons people find themselves on the receiving end of a qui tam attorney campaign include;

  • Cases pertaining to the trade agreement act
  • Cases relating to the FCPA, Dodd-Frank, and other cases concerning financial fraud
  • Medical billing fraud
  • Kickback and bribery cases
  • Off-label marketing cases

Whether you are the person filing the complaint against a suspected fraudster, or you find yourself on the receiving end of a Qui Tam lawsuit, you must consult with an experienced Qui Tam lawyer. You will need all the experience and expertise you can get if you’re going to argue or defend a Qui Tam case successfully

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