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Buying Your First Chainsaw – What You Need to Know

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Do you consider yourself to be a fairly handy person around the house, able to tackle those DIY jobs with relative ease? Have you decided you’re ready to now tackle the outdoors, and you need to up your equipment game and invest in a chainsaw?

Chainsaws are a key tool if you plan on doing any removal of tree limbs and branches, which allows you to clean up your yard and keep it well-maintained. But keep in mind that not all chainsaws are equal, and there are some important tips you’ll want to use in order to use your chainsaw properly and safely.

Choose Between Gas and Electric

The first thing you will notice as you start shopping around is that there are two main types of chainsaws, which are gas and electric. While you may want price to be your deciding factor, it’s how you plan to use it that should decide which type is best for you.

Try Holding the Chainsaw

It’s also important that you try holding any of the models you’re interested in so you get an idea of the weight and comfort level. Electric chainsaws will always be lighter since they don’t have gas in them to weigh them down.

Noise May Be a Factor

For those who are concerned about noise, electric chainsaws have the leg up as they are much quieter to operate.

Don’t Forget the Safety Gear

If you plan on using a chainsaw, you also need to be mindful of the proper safety gear. That means wearing a pair of safety glasses/goggles, a good pair of work gloves with grip palms to keep the chainsaw steady, steel-toed safety boots, a face shield, and a chainsaw helmet. If you’re feeling in over your comfort level when it comes to picking the right chainsaw helmet, this blog titled Best Chainsaw Helmet: Buyer’s Guide for 2020 and Top Products goes over all the most important information you’ll need.

Do Not Operate Before Reading the Manual

Even if you do feel you’re the handy type, now is not the time to test that out. You’ll want to be sure you read through the owner’s manual fully before starting up the chainsaw for the first time. Chainsaws are a very powerful piece of equipment; they can be very dangerous and cause some serious injuries. Taking them seriously from the start and using them with the utmost of care and safety is vital. Keep in mind they move fast, they are full of power, and they take strength to control.

Always Have Another Person with You

Most experts would also tell you never to operate a chainsaw on your own. Should an accident occur, you need to know someone is there to get you help. Chainsaw accidents can be so serious that they can cause death. Think of it like a spotter at the gym.

So, before you rush out and purchase the first chainsaw you find, it’s wise to give it some thought, weigh your options, and really think about how you plan to use it and what your must-haves are.

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