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Ways To Practice Your Creativity in the New Year

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If you feel as though you haven’t made much progress on your New Year’s resolution of being more creative, you’re not alone. This is a common concern for many artisans seeking inspiration in the new year. Sometimes the simplest resolutions can be the most difficult ones to keep because they can be so vague. If you need help pinpointing ways to practice your creativity in the new year, here are some tips to inspire you.

Pick Up a New Hobby

When you’re not sure where to start along your creative journey this year, consider finding inspiration by trying something new. Now is the perfect time to pick up a new hobby or creative outlet. For example, if you know you love art, try experimenting with a unique skill. You could explore a different medium or try a completely different format, such as blacksmithing or jewelry-making. Try browsing some of the beautiful and unique pieces you can create using different art forms, such as these beginner blacksmithing projects. When you explore new art forms, you’ll learn new skills and techniques that you can apply throughout your art journey.

Consider Traveling

Another great way to find inspiration for your creative journey is through travel. When traveling to new places, you become exposed to new landscapes, faces, art styles, and more, which can help spark inspiration. While exploring new cultures in foreign countries is a great way to get inspired, you can also experience new places by visiting local towns and attractions you’ve never been to. Take lots of pictures on your travels to reference later as you’re working on your next creative project.

Practice Improving a Creative Skill

As someone who enjoys being creative, you’ve probably already found a creative outlet you love. Use the motivation of the new year to hone your favorite creative craft. Whether you enjoy drawing, journaling, reading, or writing, you can stretch your creative muscles by focusing on and improving your skill. Study the masters of your craft and browse advice and tutorials online for unique ways to improve your specific passion.

Try practicing these ways to build your creativity in the new year. One of these exercises might be just the thing you need to gain some new inspiration to pursue your creative passions this year.

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