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Ways To Make Your Home Colorful

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There are many benefits to filling your home with color. When your house is colorful, you start each day with a bright, vibrant feeling and attitude. Bright colors bring happiness, excitement, and energy into our lives. Check out some easy ways to make your home colorful.

Pick a Color Per Room

If you love the idea of a colorful home but are not too keen on an overwhelming color palette, consider going the way of one color per room. Each room can be its own space and gain some room separation. Choose one color to highlight in each room and invest in things of that color in varying shades to provide some depth.

For example, if you choose to have a monochromatic living room and decide on orange, you can use variations of peach, bright orange, neon orange, red orange, and a tan orange shade. These will blend together nicely and create a cohesive feeling.

Make a Color Scheme

If monochromatic isn’t for you and you want cohesion throughout your home, consider deliberately deciding on a color scheme for your entire home. To come up with a cohesive color scheme for your home, you need these aspects:

  • Pick a base color (this is usually a neutral such as beige or grey)
  • Pick a main accent color (go with something bright that makes you happy)
  • Choose a secondary accent color (this should complement, but not match the accent color)
  • Decide on a metal (copper, brass, brushed nickel, silver, gold, rose gold, etc.)

Lean into Your Favorite Color

Your favorite color says a lot about you and it’s your favorite for a reason. If you have a color that makes you happy and feels like you, cover your home in it. Anything that lifts your spirits is a good color to incorporate into your home.

Note: If you change your favorite color constantly, don’t be afraid to use your favorite color of the week or month. You loved it once, so it will continue to be a monument to that moment in your life where it brought you joy and happiness.

There are so many more ways to make your home colorful. Go with your gut and follow whatever brings you joy. Adding color to your living space is meant to bring energy and calm.

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