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More Zs Please: Bedroom Upgrades for a Better Night’s Sleep

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A restless night can absolutely wreck the following day. Whether you have work or weekend plans, seven to nine hours of uninterrupted rest can make a huge difference on your mood, focus, and energy levels. Fortunately, you can enlist help from the following bedroom upgrades for a better night’s sleep.

Essential Oil Diffuser

Proven to decrease heart rate and blood pressure, lavender is a very calming scent for your bedroom. With an essential oil diffuser, you can create a charming and comforting lavender aroma. You can even opt for an essential oil diffuser that also functions as a light for some relaxing nighttime reading.

New Mattress or Foam Topper

One of the main causes of consistently poor sleep is a bad mattress. If your mattress is over eight-years old, we’re sorry to say it’s most likely time for an upgrade.

If a new mattress is not your budget right now, there’s still a way to enhance your bed’s coziness. Adding an inexpensive foam topper on your current mattress can greatly improve your slumber. There are different degrees of “squishiness” when it comes to foam toppers, so find one that best suits your firmness preference.

Shag Area Rug

For those of you who live in noisy cities or towns, you probably struggle with getting to sleep due to persisting sounds coming from outside your home. You might be asking, “What does a decorative floor element have to do with my sleep?”

One of the many perks of having shag area rugs worth acknowledging—outside of their design benefits—is the ability to absorb noise. This makes them essential bedroom upgrades for a better night’s sleep. Promote a quiet night’s rest by incorporating a rug into your bedroom’s layout.

Blackout Curtains

Counteract that glaring lamppost out your window with some blackout curtains. With these heavy-duty curtains, your room will instantly become a dark haven that’s perfect for a quality night’s sleep.

Blackout curtains will do wonders for you, especially if you’re sensitive to light or your bedroom experiences a lot of sunlight or light pollution. You might need an upgraded morning alarm, too, to wake you from a snooze in your newly blacked-out bedroom!

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