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Ways To Help Keep Your Skin Moisturized During the Winter

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Skin needs moisture any time of the year. Moisturizing prevents signs of aging, keeps skin soft, and prevents breakouts and irritation. During the warmer months, the humidity in the air helps your skin retain its moisture a bit more easily. In the winter, however, when humidity disappears and you’re left with the cold and dryness, your skin gets parched. Quench your skin’s thirst and enjoy a little extra pampering with the following ways to help keep your skin moisturized during the winter.

Avoid the Temptation of a Hot Shower

Kind of unfair, right? The weather outside is frightful, and a hot shower sounds fabulous! Nothing feels better on a cold morning or after a day of sledding in the snow than a steamy, hot shower. Unfortunately, hot water dries out your skin. Don’t skip the shower—just cool it down a notch or two, or try not to stay in the shower too long, tempting as it is.

Slather On Your Favorite Lotion

During the colder months, you really can’t overdo applying body lotion. It’s one of the easiest ways to help keep your skin moisturized during the winter. In the morning, after a shower, and before bed, grab your favorite body lotion and put it everywhere, avoiding your face. Your face has special moisturizing needs.

Skipping just one day of body lotion will make a big difference. Areas such as your heels and elbows dry out quickly in the winter. If you stay on top of it and get a good habit going, you can avoid issues caused by dry skin, such as itchy feet.

Make it fun by keeping your favorite scented lotions readily available, such as in the kitchen for after washing dishes, on your nightstand for bedtime, and near the bathroom sink for after showering. These are the perfect places to keep lotion to help you to remember to use it.

Take Special Care of Your Face

For most people, the most sensitive area of skin is their face. If you already have sensitive skin, then winter can be pretty tough on your face. Even if you don’t consider your skin to be sensitive, it will still be prone to dryness in the winter. Use your regular face moisturizer, but use a little extra if necessary, and twice a day rather than once if possible.

Don’t forget your lips and eyes when moisturizing. Your lips and eyes are covered in more fragile skin, and they need gentler care. Eye creams are created for the tender eye area; use them to combat dryness. Lip balms are handy on the bathroom counter and in your purse or car for on the go. If you prefer something more natural on your lips, try making your own lip balm. It’s a great natural alternative!

Winter can be a fun season and a break from the heat. Just don’t forget to bundle up and increase the moisture.

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