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Ways To Create an Eco-Friendly Community

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A beautiful landscape may be all you dream about, but if it’s not reflected in the town center, you may miss out on the opportunity to beautify the scenery as you want it. Every town has areas that need significant improvement. Let’s work together to find the best ways to create an eco-friendly community.

Plan a Community Garden

The park is one of the ideal places for a neighborhood cleanup. Other locations include abandoned parking lots or unused land. When working with an abandoned part of town or the park, you should envision how you would utilize the space.

Despite the endless choices, it’s best to put in something everyone can enjoy. The best idea is a community garden. Gardens teach people how to grow their own produce and learn about local plant life. Folks get to take their creations home once they’ve matured.

Start setting up an area for a garden where everyone can come to relax, pick produce or flowers, and enjoy mingling with other green thumbs from the neighborhood.

Create a Community Compost Pile

The best way to reuse recyclable materials without going to a recycling plant is to place them into a compost pile. Start a community compost pile to invigorate the surrounding area and maintain the planet’s health.

You can make compost without a machine; try using a bucket! Grab a rake for turning the piles over and start piling dirt, kitchen scraps, and all the waste from yard work—don’t grab any with toxins! Place it all into your bucket and mix it by hand or whisk.

Host a Farmers’ Market

With many artisans and local farmers nearby, some residents may not have access to them. Starting up farmers’ markets grants residents the chance to shop local, handmade goods at affordable prices. Bring in fruit, vegetable, and cheese vendors.

The vendors will enjoy taking advantage of the free promotion and talking about locally made products with customers. You should plan on hosting the farmers market between mid-spring to early fall, depending on the seasonality of items.

Open Up a Car Charging Station

Electric cars are slowly becoming a norm today. Despite the rise in electric vehicles, there are not enough available charging stations.

Start working with your city to set up more charging stations within at least 10 miles.

You have countless ways to help your town become more eco-friendly; this is only the start. Get together with your neighborhood to create new ways to enhance your town’s looks. Also, set up clean-up days to reduce the amount of litter on the streets.

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