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Types of Greenhouse Structures To Build in Your Backyard

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If you’re someone who enjoys eating fresh local fruits and vegetables, why not build your own backyard greenhouse? Home-grown produce always tastes amazing, and it can help you save money on groceries. To get you started, check out these common types of greenhouse structures to build in your backyard.

Lean-to Greenhouse

A lean-to greenhouse is an easy choice if you have a section of your home facing south. You can just build a greenhouse right next to your home! Another good thing about lean-to styles is that the greenhouse gets tons of ambient warmth from your home, making your heating system more efficient.

Gable Greenhouse

When you think of a backyard greenhouse, what you probably imagine is a gable-style building. These greenhouses have a rectangular or square shape and two triangular gables on the front and back of the roof. The gable roof lets in plenty of light and keeps rain running off the top. If you want a classic-looking greenhouse, choose a gable roof!

Geodesic Dome

Geodesic dome structures are some of the easiest buildings to install. This makes them popular choices for greenhouses, vacation rentals, and wedding venues. To maximize your dome greenhouse, make sure to talk to your provider about customizing the layout with doors, windows, and skylights.

Hoop House

A hoop house is another type of greenhouse structure to build in your backyard. It consists of several curved frames set into the ground and covered by thick plastic. It looks a little bit like a miniature airplane hangar, but it can also be quite beautiful when you surround it with flowers and landscaping.

A-Frame Greenhouse

An A-frame structure is one that looks like a triangle. Unlike a gable roof, the triangular roof walls go all the way to the ground, so the roof and walls are the same piece. A-frame structures are perfect for when you want to allow lots of natural light to pour into your greenhouse from all angles.

If you’re looking for a spring project to do this year, you should consider building one of these greenhouses in your backyard. Soon, you’ll be enjoying fresh fruits and veggies grown right at home!

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