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5 Ways To Upgrade Your Backyard Swimming Pool

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Having a pool is an excellent way to unwind and relax on a warm, sunny day. However, some people want a little more than a simple open pool in which to float around. For those looking to enhance their swimming area, we cover five ways to upgrade your backyard swimming pool and breathe a little life into it.

1. Surrounding Deck

The more space you have around your pool, the more you and your guests can relax. Installing a surrounding deck or patio area gives you lots of opportunities to use furniture and decorative pieces to help set a particular mood or ambiance.

2. Additional Spa

One way to upgrade your backyard swimming pool is to add an adjacent spa. Many pools have an elevated spa along the edge of the pool to allow owners and guests to transition from a relaxing daytime swim to a hot evening soak.

3. Water Slides

If you have the space to accommodate one, a water slide is an excellent addition to a pool. There are many great reasons to install a water slide in your backyard, whether you’re looking to add some additional value to your home or enhance the aesthetics with a more exciting, kinetic activity.

4. Water Features

What may seem like a straightforward addition may be one of the most relaxing and beneficial to your pool. Water features can mean anything from small waterfalls that trickle water into your pool to fountains that flow and shoot the pool water into the air. The trickling sounds of water aid in creating a calmer atmosphere and may increase mental health.

5. Lighting Options

Many pools already have some lighting in them for safety reasons. Still, homeowners may elect to add additional lighting around the edge of the pool or use different bulbs that include changing colors. Instead of a slightly faded white or yellow light, homeowners may want to upgrade to brighter pinks, blues, and greens when throwing a nighttime pool party.

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