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Top Tips for Off-Roading Safely in the Desert

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The best part about off-roading in the desert is that there aren’t many obstacles in your way. However, while it’s tempting to drive as fast as you can, there are a few tips you should keep in mind to go off-roading safely in the desert. Take a look at our list below before you go on your adventure.

Accelerate Slowly

It’s tempting to race over sand dunes as fast as your vehicle can go. However, going from 0 to 85 in a few seconds is incredibly dangerous and can cause your wheels to slip or sink into the sand. To prevent this, slowly accelerate until you reach a consistent speed.

Drive Straight Up or Down the Dunes

When you ride over sand dunes, drive straight up or straight down. Turning or angling your vehicle can cause it to flip or stick in the sand. So leave any off-road tricks or cool maneuvers for another day and stay safe.

Prepare Your Vehicle

In order to go off-roading safely in the desert, you need a reliable vehicle. There are plenty of tips for preparing your UTV for the dunes that you can use to ensure that your vehicle is ready to tackle the sand. For example, one step you can take to prepare for the desert is to check your vehicle’s tire pressure. You can also add a few modifications to fortify your UTV or ATV for the uneven terrain that you will face.

Keep an Eye on the Sand

Unlike other types of terrain, sand shifts and changes constantly. This is the reason why it’s so important to keep an eye on your surroundings, especially in front of your vehicle. If you notice a patch of sand that looks damp or uneven, slow down and proceed with caution. Remember to keep an eye on the terrain at all times and adjust your driving accordingly.

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