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3 Things You Should Know Before Moving to London

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Moving to London can be a bit scary, especially when you have never been and don’t know much about the city. But you shouldn’t be afraid of London as it is a wonderful city filled with great people and a unique charm. It’s also full of opportunities and it’s very hard to get bored in the city. The most important thing you should do is prepare yourself for the move and know what to expect before you get there. Here are some of the things you should know before moving to London.

Finding a Permanent Place to Stay Will be Difficult

You can’t expect to just get to the city and find the perfect flat in the perfect area the minute you arrive. You will have to do a lot of work and you may have to wait months before you can find a place you can call your permanent home. You also have to be ready to give lots of references, proof of employment, and have a good credit score, or your pool of possible options will be even more limited.

If you need to move immediately and don’t have too much time, then you could either decide to go with a service apartment if you have the means or rent a room. Renting a room will be much easier than finding a full flat, but you still have to know where to look. Sites like Room Club are great if you’re looking for rooms to rent in London, but there are a few others, so do your research and try to find something that will tide you over until you find something better.

Apps Can Be a Lifesaver

We suggest that you install a few essential apps before you leave as they will make navigating and living in the city much easier. Get Citymapper if you want to map itineraries around the city. You’ll also get information on fares for different modes of transportation. If you like to order food, download the Deliveroo app. The Met Office app will allow you to check the temperate and apps like Great Little Place City Guide and Dojo will keep you up to date with all the recent events in the city.

Finding a Job in London

If you are going to London to find a job, then you have to know a thing or two about the job market first. We have good news, however. There is no shortage of job openings in the city and tons of industries and companies are aching for new talent. So, you shouldn’t have trouble finding a position. But you should know that the job market is still very competitive, and you’ll have to work to stand out.

First of all, pick a position that you know you can fill and be viewed as a viable candidate. This means that you cannot have approximate qualifications as someone more qualified will be preferred. Attend career fairs if you can and know the dress code of a company before you go in for an interview. All you have to do is check the company’s website and see how the staff are dressed. This will give you a good idea of what would be appropriate and what they want their employees to look like.

London is an exciting and vibrant city, but it takes time to adapt to life there. Make sure that you get as much information as possible about the city and what it’s actually like living there before you make the move.

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