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Top Misconceptions about Masculinity

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When it comes to masculinity, there are a lot of myths. This list intends to finally put some of them to rest by pointing out the truths instead.

Myth #1: It’s Not Okay to Cry

If you’ve heard the advice that it’s normal to cry and there’s nothing wrong with that, it might not have been said toward men, unfortunately. Many times, males are viewed as being weak if they shed tears.

Yet, the same is not necessarily said of women. This double standard is something that more men ought to speak up about as it’s healthy to express emotions, even the sad ones. Crying eases physical pain and emotions as it releases chemicals that help you feel better, such as oxytocin.

Changing the norm that a male cannot cry in public needs to change. No one needs to feel shame about expressing sadness.

Myth #2: Men can’t Like Pink

Whoever came up with the idea that boys like blue while girls like pink is now officially outdated, the reality is that males and females can like whatever color they want and there’s nothing wrong with that.

The gender history of pink and blue is a complicated one, but it’s not something that needs to continue. Instead, let’s start to change prejudices. Let’s allow pink and blue to simply be colors, rather than judging who can wear them or not.

Myth #3: The Man is the Breadwinner

The traditional family structure is one where the man is the main wage earner, while the woman stays home to take care of the kids. According to this perspective, the man is not masculine if he cannot provide the basics like clothing, food, and housing for his wife and children.

It’s time to rethink that home environment, though. The woman has every bit of the intellect of the man and has every right to have a career outside of the home. Furthermore, men can stay home to do childrearing duties without feeling like doing so deflates their manhood.

A man’s worth is not measured by his salary and ability to give possessions to his family. Instead, it is about how he treats both his loved ones and cares for himself.

Myth #4: Be Strong Physically

Another common misconception is that women must be strong from a physical standpoint. If the muscles bulge and the workouts involve weights, then he is said to be manly.

However, there is so much more to what it means to be a man. Having strength in terms of the amount of weight you can lift is fine, but perhaps more important is being emotionally strong. When you can get back up from emotional challenges, that is a sign of a true survivor. Not only that but women have every right to be bodybuilding too!

Righting the Myths about Masculinity

The acceptability of men staying home with the kids would be great, as would making colors neutral rather than having a gendered history. Plus, men must be shown it’s okay to cry in public, rather than being ashamed to do so. Only then can the myths of masculinity begin to dissipate.

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