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Tips for Throwing a Shocking Surprise Party

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Shock a family member or one of your best friends by throwing them a surprise party that could end all parties. This is a simple way to let someone know you thought of them, and the look on their face will be priceless. Follow our tips to ensure your party planning goes off without a hitch.

Use Social Media To Spread the Word

Sending out invitations is best for normal parties and weddings; when you do this for a surprise party, you risk the wrong person seeing the invitation, or they get lost in the mail. Try using social media to contact guests and keep the party private so that no unwanted guests find their way there.

Delegate Your Duties

Planning a whole party by yourself can be a tedious task. Delegate some of your planning to other trustworthy family members or friends. This allows you to focus on the more important aspects of the party, like the theme, decorations, food, games, etc.

Ensure Everything Looks Presentable

If you’re going as far as throwing a shocking surprise party, you can’t put in half the effort and call it good. Make this one of the best parties your guests have ever seen. Decorate the tables, lay out the food, prepare games, etc. Also, provide guests with the theme ahead of time so that they can avoid poor gift presentation and dress for the occasion.

Brainstorm How To Hide Your Guests

The most challenging part of a surprise party is hiding the guests until the primary guest of honor can arrive. If you want to avoid having everyone park their cars outside your home, ask guests to park further down the street, or consider having them park in a parking lot near your home and shuttling everyone to the party. In addition, have areas in the party space that people can conceal themselves behind.

Surprise parties are a great way to show your love and appreciation for your friends and family. Give yourself enough time to plan the party and notify guests; this won’t be an easy party to throw. Remind guests that it’s a secret, and you shouldn’t see any problems.

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