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Tips for Adults To Improve Their Motor Skills

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When we think of fine-tuning our motor skills, we often associate it with children, but plenty of adults struggle with hand-eye coordination, and that’s perfectly fine. Our small motor skills may also decline after an accident or other medical problem. The good news is there are plenty of ways to improve fine motor skills at any age.

Creative Exercises

Let’s kick off this list of tips for adults to improve their motor skills with a couple of creative outlets. Some fun and artistic ways to improve your small motor skills include:

  • Origami
  • Drawing
  • Playing an instrument

The list doesn’t end here, as most creative arts require motor skills. For example, jewelry making is an exciting pastime, and as you investigate how to cut gemstonesyou’ll see that it requires close attention to detail. And while shaping stones, you’ll have to grip both the gem and your tool. The best part about creative exercises is that you’ll create something beautiful while improving your motor skills.

Task-Centric Exercises

Individuals living a life on the go may not always have time to do these exercises as activities, but you can incorporate them into an everyday task. Household chores like gardening are relaxing but also a great way to improve motor skills as you grip and manipulate various tools. Other daily tasks like folding clothes or even opening your tube of toothpaste can help fine-tune this essential skill.

Cooking Exercises

Cooking is fun, delicious, and a great way to work on motor development. You’ll have to grip various utensils and tools as you measure and mix different ingredients. Take things a step further and try out some cake decorating; this requires attention to detail and a steady hand as you create designs with frosting. So, bake and decorate a delicious cake or plate of cookies!

Game-Related Exercise

If you love playing card and board games, you now have an excuse to do so more often! Games like checkers require you to hold or move things with your hands, which is great for your fine motor skills, not to mention fun.

Another great tip for adults to improve their motor skills is to do jigsaw puzzles. Challenge yourself with a large puzzle made up of smaller pieces that you can complete over the course of several days. By taking time each day to work on this skill, you’ll see improvement because, as they say, “practice makes perfect!”

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