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5 Household Chores Your Toddler Can Help With

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Toddlerhood can feel like a whirlwind, and your child is developing a surplus of new skills during this season of their life. If you find yourself doing everything for them, try to take a step back and allow them to develop new skills by learning these five household chores your toddler can help with. Watch them grow into strong, independent children as they learn to care for themselves and others around them.

Make the Bed

Have your child pull their sheets up, give their pillow a fluff, or smooth out a blanket. If you teach them how to make their bed, they will learn to respect the bed they sleep in. This respect can translate into other items in their room or the home. Don’t expect a perfectly made bed every time, of course. If your child isn’t excited about the task, there are many ways to motivate them to make their bed every day.

Pick Out Clothes

Prepare yourself to look at some interesting outfit choices. If you allow your child to pick out their outfits, they will likely enjoy the independence and ability to make choices for themselves.

Start young and let your little one decide for themselves how they want to express themselves for the day through their outfit. They may even learn consequences through the process, like choosing a dress on a cold day. It can benefit them to let them learn the hard way that they will be cold if they decide to keep the dress on.

Set the Table

You might want to break out the plastic plates for this one. There’s always a risk when little hands are involved. But it’s worthwhile when you see your child build confidence and desire to help serve your family. If setting the table is too advanced, try to give them simpler tasks they can excel at. This could look like them setting out placemats before you set the plates down.

Clean the Table

Let your child use a wet rag and wipe up the mess left behind on your table. Next time they eat, they may think about the mess they are making. In turn, they may eat neater as time passes. It may also teach them respect for you. When they see you doing chores like this after they have had to help, they will understand the time and energy it takes to accomplish the task.

Clean Up Toys

Have you ever cringed when you heard your toddler dump the toy bucket? Cringe no more. Teach your child that they are responsible for their toys and that you will not pick them up for them every time. You may want to teach them a clean-up song or play clean-up music to make this an entertaining process for them.

Raise an independent, confident child by teaching them these household chores your toddler can help with. Find fun in the process and rest easy as you watch your child master new skills.

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